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José Gold
Juanjo Vardemorillo
Infinity Machete ensemble


A&R Rep. #10 José Oros
7551 Melrose Avenue, Suite 3
Los Ángeles, CA 90046
Teléf.: 323-658-6169

I liked that has the classic flavor of the mambo, good disk for cause in the beach. A good one dials mambo.

Raúl Guará and their Orchestra Tropical Jive" As pa' to be sucked the fingers"

A disk to begin to shake the body, mambo, meringue and a lot but. Some compositions without a doubt authentic, passionate, with rhythm, orderly to the perfection, impeccable letters and clearly musicians, it is achieved, thanks to Raúl Guará, a disk to listen in all moment... a mixture between passion and jive. Some their history: Guará has already accumulated a coarse experience of more than 25 years carrying out multiple works in different types of groupings like trios, quartets, quintets, groups and/or groups, orchestras of great format and concert bands. It has also directed orchestras of different goods and formats.

Guará works the composition and he/she makes musical arrangements, so much for a single instrument like it stops orchestras of great format. For example, he/she has made works of that type for the band of concerts and the orchestra of television among others. At this time, Guará this composing an opera, a piece for symphonic orchestra and a work for an American corógrafo of the contemporary dance.

Pablo Volpe

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Hello Raúl,

After having listened your songs MAMBO CON T, A DONDE NADIE and A LO CUBANO thing, we reach the conclusion that the material definitively is the most authentic thing in Cuban music that has arrived us. In general, the recording is of good quality and it is very well blended. The musicians are EXCELLENT! It is noticed that the production and the arrangements are made by somebody that in fact specializes in this gender. The rhythmic, sticky, happy composition, and the letter is positive and very good!


The section of trumpets is incredible in this song! The melodyof the choristers it is sticky and very well located in the song. It has very good rhythm. It is pleasant to listen a piece of authentic mambo. Personally this it is my favorite song.


The singer's voice in this song is strong, passionate and with an unique tone. If I listened their voice in some other place, it would recognize it. This an excellent quality and difficult to find. The choristers are also good. Once but, the denominator common of your songs is the good rhythm, excellent composition, the good section of trumpets and that had a good time and sticky of the melodies!


This song is good but it is piled a little. The trumpets, the congas, the kettledrums, the voice, etc., they plows rotating the space to itself. As for the arrangement in this song could improve. There are too many instruments that they are playing at the same time and as the rhythm of the song it is very quick it is listened reborujado a little / noisy. Perhaps making it but simple it would be listened better. Apart from this the musicians individually are incredible, the melody and the singer good super.

We will pass your songs to the following companies:

VENEZ-010904: The film company MIRAMAX.
BRAV-21603: Company film BRAVE FILMS.
S. LOUIS-011304: Station of radio of San Luis Missouri that has different programmings.

We will also send MAMBO WITH T and TO WHERE NOBODY to the radio station that is very well-known and listened by the Latin community in the South of California, calls himself Tropical Song.



7551 Melrose Avenue, Suite 3
Los Ángeles, CA 90046
Teléf.: 323-658-6169

Raúl Guará is a trombonist, Orchestral Music Arranger and a notorious Bandleader, his versatile work deserves a greater recognition than he presently possess. His musical work is perfectly crafted and charged with Cuban rhythm heritage, jazz, and world pop-beat rhythm.

Juan Santos
Machete Ensemble Band

“To Raúl , good luck for you , man , long life Music”

Eddy and April Ellington

Raúl Guara writes his own song scripts himself, conducts choreography, writes music and leads, he is like the Richard Wagner from black race in my opinion, just living right now his own life in 21 st Century.

Juanjo Vardemorillo.
La Pequeña Jamaica Record Music House Producer.

“Raúl Guara ,is the Quincy of Tropical Music”

Pedro Badelga
Musical Producer

Infinity Studios

“He is the best ,after Meme Solis and Aida Diestro ,arranging and blending voices, just Raúl Guará”

Cuban Singers Comments

“Raul Guara is a real master alternating instruments and bells for greatest formats”

Juan de Marcos González,
who is considered to be a leading lightin the Buena Vista Social Cluboriginal idea.
Afro Cuban All Star Bandleader.

“A recording to star to swing your body, mambo, merengue and many more. His composition sindoubstely are genuine and yearning times, with great rhythin, almost perfectly arranged, perfectly crafted lyrics and wittiest widely regarded at top peak. ”

Pablo Volpe Music Critic

Todo Banda

“His the most authentic regarding to Cuban Music we have received, musicians are excellent, it is noticeable production release and arrangements are performed by someone who really is an repect is this gence. His repertoire of rhythmical songs, and with an positive – message lyrics and receive CONGRATULATION for your magnificent work”

Issac Willson
Latin Music Artist

Arts at Middlebury College


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