Raúl Guará (Who is?)
Raúl Guará Colas

At an early age he revealed being inclined to experiment with music, so years later he entered in Arts School and furthermore he becomes a member of Professional Superior Training School after that he receives and completes different trombone performing – technique seminars and courses delivered by expert professors for just mentioning a few of them like both Alvaro Collado ( Juan Formell of Los Van Van orchestra) and former musician Wagner Wallace from

  the famous (Earth, Wind and Fire- the famous group).
He also receives songwriting and orchestration studies with the professor Neyfe Milanes (former conductor of Tropicana Jazz Band) but he also included in his shaping career other learning courses on both radial production and conduction with Luis Robira (famous musicologist and radio director). He self-didactically improved his musical apprenticeship on percussion, bass, vocal staging, artistic conduction, and musicology.

Other titles and studies achieved are as follows:

•  Trombone
•  Guitar
•  Melodist
•  Bass player
•  Percussionist
•  Musicology
•  Producer
•  Composer
•  Orchestration
•  Orchestral and Choral Conduction

Over more than 25 years he has developed multiple works with different musical groups of all sorts in diverse genres such as:

•  Accompanist guitarist, and rhythm guitarist
•  Trio, quarter, quintet
•  Septet
•  Group
•  Ensemble
•  Orchestral
•  Band

In various and diverse formats of musical groups such as:

•  Trio Origen
•  Ireson group
•  Iyakarey
•  Ilusión del 60´s
•  Palmas y Cañas
•  Hechizo Band

He took part in the Welcome Ceremony honored to its Sanctity The Pope Juan Pablo the Second. Orchestral arranger of symbolic music to Santa Lucia Prime Minister, Exc. Davis Anthony. A report interview for 4 Channel of Swedish Television, RTE, BBC, CD. Homage and tribute to Antonio Flores, also a radiophone broadcasted and aired TV programs, video-clips, TV – serial novels in Cuba and overseas.

His song writings have been widely broadcasted in some radio stations such as: Saint Louis Missouri Radio station, KPFK Canto Tropical. These compositions were also used in some film scores from Hollywood Movie Companies including: Miramax, Bravo Films and others. He has conducted various shade genres Orchestras with more than 200 works have been composed among them: songs, suites, rhapsodies, operas, etc. Has orchestrated more than 1000 musical works for diverse formats and made different productions. His arrangements, compositions and orchestration has been performed amongst other by:

•  Alberto Tosca (troubadour)
•  Nilo (Harper)
•  Feliz Valoy (singer of the Buena Vista Social Club)
•  Feliz Valoy Jr. (singer of the Afro Cuban All Star)
•  Coco Freeman (one of the best voices in Cuba)
•  Anais Abreu (Cubadisco Awards)
•  Concert Orchestra
•  Radio and Television Orchestra.

Participated in Musical Contest and Festivals as follows:

•  International Circus Festival
•  12 th and 14 th World Youth and Students Festival
•  2000 Ibero Jazz Award
•  Spinning several countries about the world.

In 2003, cut 3 productions for Envidia Records Music House

•  Feliz Valoy (son)
•  Raul Guara and The Dream Team
•  www.guara.com

In 2004 was devoted to produce for himself his own recording “COMO PA CHUPARSE LOS DEDOS”, a releasing in which all song writings and orchestral music arrangements are derived and conceived from his own wit.

Also this years, he is composing the contemporary dance music “INTERNADOS” for Middlebury Dance Company, Vermont, United States.


•  was selected as artist of month in the last Sept. and Oct, 2004 by Latin Music Artist company.

•  In February and March, then later 22 nd and 23 rd April, 2005, M.C.D. shows for the first night the Intervados play, in Middlebury and New York City, this is a dancing theater play in which score was composed by Raul Guará. Invited to compose a Cuban Symphonic Work (Tumbao) by Dresden Symphonic Concert Orchestra in Germany. Made orchestration for various films and Video Games.

Presently, he is writing two operas named “Celos” and “IGUALIB” , he also has in mind to produce two more recording productions and finish two books: “Improvisación en la Música Cubana” and “La Música Cubana: armonía, melodía, y ritmo” but he furthermore thinks to write a work for Master Prize Competition (London Symphonic).

Raúl Guara due to his professional ability can perform as:

•  Songwriting
•  Orchestration
•  Record and Staging Production
•  Vocal Arranger
•  Guitarist
•  Trombonist
•  Afro- Cuban Percussion
•  Harmony Professor

Personal Data

Raúl Guará Colás
Natinality: Cuban
Date of Birth: February 6, 1959
Birth Place: Guantánamo, Cuba.
Touch Address:
Ángeles 171 entre Montes y Corrales
Habana Vieja
Habana- Cuba
Telf:(537) 8 75 16 28
Pág. Web:www.raulguara.galeon.com

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